CLARABACONCE was born out of the need to express emotions. It’s a space to be filled in a complex mind, slowly taking shape and meaning.

After years of trying to define a style, and much reflection, I stopped to examine how I felt. I then realized that emotions should not be labeled, that every moment I live both determines and transforms my style. That’s the way I feel every moment, as I live and experience circumstances as they arise or as I choose them.

Now combine all this with awareness: to create a system that balances concern for the environment with positive social values . It’s not just about buying fewer clothes -a valid option though somewhat simplistic in today’s complex system. We also need to change our perception of our clothes and their design, materials and production methods, with the goal of abandoning current practices that are destructive to the environment and, above all, to people.

And now combine all that I said before with culture, borders, colors, smells, music, touch, aesthetics and comfort.