Three generations make up the legacy of ¨hand block printing¨ being Hanuman Chhipa Ji the son of the founder. He is the head of the family and despite his age it is impressive to see him squatting in the indigo well!


Deepak is the son of Hanuman Ji who thanks to his effort and his capacity for learning and integration is positioning the family business internationally. In spite of our more and our less, as if we were a couple, it has been my right hand from the beginning, he´s my favorite, I must say!


Erdish is a stamper and from the first day has been the one in charge to put on the fabric my designs, not easy at all! Despite our poor communication for my lack of hindi with his smile and humor he conquered me from the first day!


Rekha is one of the most versatile artisans, because she stamps, washes, irons and prepares the best Chai!


Well, this is me. A girl from a town in Cadiz (Chiclana de la Frontera) who one day decided to make all her family think she was crazy buying a ticket without return to this wonderful country, falling in love with every smell, color, sound and its people, what a People!

My family was not wrong, yes! I must be crazy..

And Shyam, Remembrar, Erdish, Ramchnder, Raju Ji, Erdhish, Omparkjs Ji, Bennu and Deepak.